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Chocolate muffins…

But not any chocolate muffins: these are vegan and gluten-free chocolate muffins! They are very, very, very good – the chocolate, the cinnamon, the vanilla, the nutmeg…yummy! You’ve really got to give these guys a chance! And they are low … Continue reading

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And you only bake things with chocolate?

  Nope! But the best things I bake have chocolate…or cocoa☺ Just take a look at these blueberry muffins: The original recipe (which is great) is here! I couldn’t resist and I had to make some changes! Here’s how I … Continue reading

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Chocolate and black beans…

… not a common mixture! But it really works for muffins! Cooking gluten-free deserts is often difficult, not because of the taste of food, but due to texture! Using beans replacing flour in muffins will give you moist muffins with … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need a chocolate cake….

And you need it fast! No time for going to the shop, no time for hard baking… but you need it! So, for dealing with this emergency,  you have the 40 second chocolate muffin in a cup! And baby, was … Continue reading

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A sunny saturday means a long walk on the beach and…

… chocolate covered muffins for a mid-afternoon snack! Seriously, you must do it! So, after taking my dog to the beach, I did it! And here they are:   You wouldn’t believe how tasty and light these are! And, as always, … Continue reading

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Love stories and gluten-free vegan muffins

I am a sucker for love stories! I have been since I can remember – the tragic, the better! I remember being nine or something, and wiping my nose to a napkin after a bad breakup in some TV series! … Continue reading

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