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I know: it’s bad! You can’t do anything right if you don’t have focus! And I am getting better – I don’t do several things at the same time, anymore…but I am a multitasker!!! I am reading several books (yes, … Continue reading

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Be here!

Hello!!! Have a great Saturday, everyone! Enjoy your day fully, and be here, right now! I have been waiting for Saturday since Monday…not, that it was a terrible week – as a matter of fact, it was very enjoyable! Still, … Continue reading

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6 a.m, wake up!

So, just like that I woke up with my dog crying …6 A.M…she sleeps in my bed, by my feet, and I thought she might have got a nail stuck in the blanket or something! But no: she wanted to … Continue reading

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Simple things are the best!

Every once in a while I feel drawn to the simple things in life…or, should I say, more drawn to, since I am not a complicated person! But I have a very demanding job, with which I struggle constantly to … Continue reading

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