Eating out!!!

I don’t know about you, but here, where I live, eating out is a challenge! Don’t get me wrong: Portugal is known by is food: gluttons from all over the world come to visit us, just to try out our food! Except, of course, if you’re vegan!!!! To my knowledge, here, there is not one single restaurant that is vegan! There used to be one (which was amazing), but unfortunely they’ve closed doors! There are some vegetarian and some almost-vegetarian options in many restaurants…but vegan – that’s a whole different talk!

But, let’s talk about the vegetarian and the almost-vegetarian! To me, I find it harder to eat in a vegetarian restaurant that in a regular one!!! It seems like no vegetarian can cook without cheese!!!! The almost vegetarian options refer to the bean rice, which is cooked with meat that is removed by the cook prior to being served, or the mushrooms stuffed with little pieces of bacon (that are so litlle that in fact don’t count as meat); you also have the chicken or shrimp salad (everybody knowns that chickens and shrimps grow on trees)….

Anyway, things are slowly changing, and due to the many awards Porto has conquered in the last few years, there is an increasing number of vegetarian options and vegetarian restaurants in the city! Today, I went to DaTerra, a vegetarian restaurant that sometimes offer vegan options! I say sometimes because they have cheese and butter days, too! But not today! Check out my plate:

DSCF8642 DSCF8641

You’re drooling, right? And what about desert? No luck there: all had eggs, butter and/or milk! Not quite there yet, but in the right path, don’t you agree?







About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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