Post-yoga smoothie!


Sometimes keeping it simple works really good! I’ve done a hamstrings focused practice and now afterwards I felt I deserved some love!!!!!

So, I blended 1 banana, 2 peaches, one cup broccoli leaves, some ginger and water!

This was the final result:

DSCF8672 DSCF8673

This baby had 257 calories of pure nutrition,providing  the daily recommended doses of vitamin C and K, with 0 empty calories. Check it out:


Target Average eaten
Calcium 1000 mg 66 mg
Potassium 4700 mg 1295 mg
Copper 900 μg 353 μg
Iron 18 mg 2 mg
Magnesium 310 mg 80 mg
Phosphorus 700 mg 146 mg
Selenium 55 μg 4 μg
Zinc 8 mg 1 mg


Target Average eaten
Vitamin A 700 μg 79 μg
Vitamin B6 1.3 mg 0.7 mg
Vitamin C 75 mg 109 mg
Vitamin E 15 mg 3 mg
Vitamin K 90 μg 98 μg
Folate 400 μg 92 μg
Thiamin 1.1 mg 0.2 mg
Riboflavin 1.1 m 0.3 mg
Niacin 14 mg 4 mg
Choline 425 mg 48 mg


Go: blend!!!!!



Minerals and vitamins contents were determined using Supertracker at:


About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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