One of our assignments from this module from my yoga course was to, till next time we met (approximately 1 month) to master 1 of several asanas from anusara syllabus 2…and I like a challenge☺

So, I’ve chosen Titibhasana!!! And I’ve been working on it over the past few days, and I’ve realized some things, that I will share with you:

1)      It is impossible to do if you don’t warm up your legs, particularly your calf muscles

2)      Open your hips!!!! It is from the inward movement of the legs and outward movement of the hips that your tushy goes up!

3)      Remember to place a soft pillow behind you – it will make failure much better ☺



Now I am working on the sequence that leads to that peak pose in a regular practice! I’ll tell you all about it when I’m done!



About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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