Without olives, please…

At least, that was the way it went for me! I didn’t like olives…as a matter of fact, I hated olives! But I kept trying to eat them, because everyone around me just seemed that they couldn’t get enough of them! So, I kept eating them and kept spitting them out for a long time! Until that day when I was able to enjoy them! And now, I just can’t get enough olives!




I had the same problem with beets: they tasted like dirt! And when I was growing up, a ate a lot of grass so I know the taste of dirt ☺

Anyway, I was reading this article that states that life can be exactly defined by clear stages: the stage before a driver’s license, and the insurance premiums and speeding tickets after; the pre-mortgage stage with a handy landlord taking care of all emergencies, and the post-mortgage when you’re stuck alone with yourself! And according to the author, there is a beet aversion phase, followed by beet adoration! At any rate, the author states that there aren’t foods you don’t like, just foods you haven’t tried enough…any thoughts about this?


About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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