The quadratus lumborum – Have you met him?

Nowadays, we all have more or less lower back pain. Our computer lives with long time seating and little time to exercise are big time culprits. The ladies have additional problems, related with heavy bags and high heels!

One of the muscles frequently related with is the quadratus lumborum, a quadrilateral muscle in the lower back, which originates from the lower border of the last rib and by four small tendons that attach to the transverse processes of the upper four lumbar vertebrae. It inserts into the iliolumbar ligament and the internental lip of the iliac crest.



This muscle acts on:

  1. Lateral flexion of vertebral column;
  2. Extension of lumbar vertebral column;
  3. Fixes the 12th rib during forced expiration
  4. Elevates ilium.


Frequently, it is this guy contraction that causes back pain! So, how do we deal with it? With yoga, of course.



 There are some asanas that can act on a contracted quadratus lumborum. Today, we’ll talk about Parighasana. Parighasana is a simple yet powerful posture. Besides stretching the quadratus lumborum, preventing its hypertonic contraction, it sstretches the sides of the torso and spine, the hamstrings, it opens the shoulders and stimulates abdominal organs and lungs. As in what regards contraindications, as with any serious knee injury, kneeling posture can be difficult, and should be avoided. If this is the case, you can sit with the legs in front, and do the side bending.

So, go on, no excuses: one (well, two, because you do have 2 quadratus lumborum and you should love them equally !!!!) parighasana daily aids on keeping your lower back healthy!




About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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