Readings for a lazy Sunday – part II

I do enjoy doing this – browsing through other blogs and posting reading recommendations. On my first post, I’ve used pictures from the blogs I was talking about…but I am not sure if I should be doing that – even if it is a referral! What do you think?

I’ve asked for permission for using their photos this time, but it doesn’t seem I am getting any answer…so I am not using them! What do you think? Should I?

Anyway, this is what I recommend for this Sunday, after a long walk by the sea (or forest)!

  1. Junk food! But not any junk food: I am talking about Chili cheese fritos made healthy without any frying or questionable ingredients involved. You’ve got to check this out here.
  2. This must be one of my favorite blogs! Gena is so inspiring and this time she teaches us how to make easy healthy chocolate. Too good to be true? Nah!
  3. Not actually a reading, but definitely a must see this amazing short film about how money as evolved from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. And what can we do about it! It was directed by the talented Ian MacKenzie
  4. If you’re concern about your health, you shouldn’t miss out on this. Here are the top 10 Healthiest Seeds on Earth
  5. If you want to kick a habit, you must know it well. It seems there are some common features about habits. Leo Babauta is this amazing blogger who lives a simple life and teaches you how you can do it…no excuses! The guy has 5 kids! Learn about him and habits, here!

Enjoy your Sunday!



About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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