Let´s go for a run?

I’ve done my first run since I’ve got the flu! Been missing that a lot!

Running is a great thing you can do for yourself. It has been recognized that running improves your health, by slowing your heart rate, improving your breathing capacity, among other benefits (this would make a separate post alone). In addition, running works on your mood, making you feel happier. Finally, it keeps you fit, helping weight management!


So, let’s go for a run?
Everybody can run, still there are a few things you should know before you start:

1) It is going to be hot! Always, despite it is winter and it is raining cats and dogs, believe me: it is going to be hot! So, don’t overdress! In the picture I posted, you can see me hearing trousers – beginner’s errors… nowadays, I always run in shorts! If I think it is cold, I wear a long sleeve sweater! If it’s snowing, I wear a hat and gloves! But that’s it! This is really important! A lot of new runners dress themselves with thick sweaters and coats – this doesn’t work well for them, since they lose a lot of water (and not weight) and add stress to the cardiovascular system, with no real benefits! You won’t get thinner faster or fitter more quickly!

2) Start slowly! This is a daily reminder for me! I always start fast… and get tired more quickly! There’s no need for that. You should start slowly, warming up your body! If you start slowly, you will run for a longer time!
3) You don’t have to run the all time! You can run and then walk, and then run again, and then walk again! This is especially true if you are a beginner! Don’t expect to run 30 steady minutes the first time you run…or let me put it in another way: Don’t even try to! It is not good for your, because your muscles, your joints, your heart, your lungs are not ready for this! Be gentle with yourself! You can start by running a minute and walking a minute – and you can this for 20 minutes! Do this 3 times a week, and then, when you feel ok, run for 2 minutes and walk for 1 minute… and go on, raise your time running! When you get to the 10 minutes mark, you’re good to go!
4) Running is hard work! Of course it gets easier with time, especially when you hit the 10 minutes mark! But when you get better, you aim higher – so it will always be hard! And everybody has bad running days: sometimes is really hard to take the first step (remember: aim the 10 minutes mark)!

5) Eat! You can eat after, you can eat before or you can eat during running, but you’ve got to eat! What is best? I think it is kind of personal! For me, I like to eat after my morning run! But you should try it and figure it out what is best for you! If you eat before running, make it light (a small banana) or it will weight on you! For me, even a banana troubles me, so I don’t eat anything – but I recon this is not for everybody!
6) Drink! Water or, if you sweat abundantly, you can drink those electrolytes juices! Personally, I don’t drink them: I don’t like their flavor, they are packed in plastic bottles which don’t recycle easily and they have tons of sugar, so I don’t drink them! I prefer having fresh fruit and I add a little bit of salty foods in my next meal!

Ok, you are good to go! Tell me how it went!

The picture is mine, and it was taken a million of years ago, in my first 10k run!


About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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2 Responses to Let´s go for a run?

  1. maeussle says:

    Great post! I wish I was a runner. I’ve tried it before, but my legs feel as heavy as steel. Even when I was a little kid (skinny as you like) I was slower than the fattest kid in the class 🙂 Keep on running 😉

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