Green juice is the new coffee!

Really, if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!

I’ve kicked my coffee habit a couple of years ago! I used to have a solid clean addiction…not too much, not too little the right amount! I even did not think of me as addicted, since it was a clean social habit! Still, every time I traveled, I knew she was coming: that dull mild headache of not getting enough caffeine! You know, in the place I live, coffee is not for sissies…it is COFFEE: strong, black and hot!

So, no other coffee (except for some Italians) did it for me! So I kicked the habit! I had two weeks of a steady headache, and now I’m cured! I don´t need coffee anymore!

But sometimes, I feel I would like a little bit of extra energy – yoga, particularly backbends do the trick! But these do not always come handy! So, this brings me to my most recent discovery – green juices! Seriously, they really get you high! High on spinach, but high…

So this is what you’ll need: Spinach, 1 cucumber, 1 pear, ginger and lemon to taste. Just put it all in the juicer and enjoy! At first, you may need to add an extra pear, for sweetness!



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