What do you do when you’re recovering from the Flu?

I am feeling much better already, as I’ve said before! Still, no way I can get out of the house, yet! I get tired from going from the bedroom to the kitchen ☺

But I feel like doing stuff, already! I tried yoga, but it was a total flop – my running nose drop me down in my first downward facing dog … and it took me forever to get alright again…so, back to bed! But this time, with my computer!

So, watching Season 2 of Person of Interest (I love it!!!!), I am working on a hat for the Hubbie ☺

Afterwards, still time for a little reading – amazing book! Kris Carr is a powerful human being!

DSCF8040 DSCF8042

And I finally Have started my gratitude journal!


Not bad for a flu day  ☺



About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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2 Responses to What do you do when you’re recovering from the Flu?

  1. maeussle says:

    I hope you will be fully recovered from the flu soon! Cute looking gratitude journal 😉

  2. Inês says:

    Thank you 🙂 Have a wonderful day 🙂

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