I am sick!


I hate being sick! I hate not being able to focus, to think, to workout, to do my yoga…I can’t even meditate because my body is so sore I can’t sit straight! I started feeling awkward on Sunday: a slight sore throat! It will pass, I said to myself!

On Monday, I felt like I had been run over by car! Still, it must be the hard yoga practice I endure all weekend! When I went to bed, I had a high fever (39ºc, 102.2F)! I was worried, but I decided to keep a close eye on my temperature, and I didn´t take any meds! I believe our body has the ability to deal with issues by itself, and raising its temperature is a way of cooking the bugs…still, you must watch out, or it will cook your brains also! So for me, this is the threshold! Tuesday, I woke up feeling much better, with only a very mild fever – I kissed myself profusely ☺, and decided to give my poor body a rest: I stayed in bed, drinking plenty of fluids and eating lots of fruits and vegetables! I ate no gluten to limit the inflammatory process! Even though I was feeling better, I told to myself that I should know more about natural cures and herbs for high fever!

At night, my fever spiked again, and went over my threshold, and welcome paracetamol!!!! And the fever went down! Today I am in bed again, feeling better, but I am afraid that things will again take a turn for the worst! At least, I will have time to study my herbs and natural cures ☺! I will keep you posted!


Image source: The picture is not mine: I’ve found it online, can’t remember where…

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3 Responses to I am sick!

  1. maeussle says:

    Very cute picture! I hope you feel better soon. I, too, try to avoid meds like the plague. My mom used to make us sweat in bed when we were little, which usually gave the fever a kick in the ass. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. sfm143 says:

    that sounds awful!! I hate getting sick! the feeling of getting over it and being normal again is so great. hang in there & stay hydrated ! love the picture.

  3. Inês says:

    Thank you both so much! I am getting better! I’ve cooked lunch – Huge improvement 🙂

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