The yoga sutra of Patañjali


I have just arrived from another yoga teacher training session (yeah, so happy!!!!!), and I am feeling truly inspired! We have been talking over the weekend about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I don’t know if you know this book, but it is a collection of tiny (well, some are not so tiny ☺) little sentences (sutras) about the philosophical school of Patanjali, known as the royal yoga!

Some are a little hard to understand, whereas others are amazing! Check this one out:

Maitrî-karunã-muditã-upekshãnãm  sukha-dukha-punya-apunya-visayãnãm bhãvanãtas-citta-prasãdanam

Hum? What does this mean?

Maitrî – friendliness                                                      sukha – joyful

Karunã – compassion                                                   dukha – pain (sorrowful)

Muditã – Gladness (rejoice)                                      punya – merit (meritorious)

Upekshã – equanimity (to give space)                  apunya – demerit (demeritorious)

Bhãvanãtas – projecting (projection)

Citta – consciousness

Prasãdam – pacification

So this means that you should deal with joyful people with friendliness, sorrowful people with compassion, rejoice with meritorious people and give space to demeritorious people, and that will lead to the pacification of the mind!

How powerful is this? This is a method for tranquillising the mind which is a favourite among Buddhist monks and laymen. In a special meditation exercise, the four virtues (friendliness, compassion, gladness and equanimity) are radiated into all corners of the universe for benefit of all living creatures!  How cool is this?

It never ceases to amaze me how we, Mankind, are where we are today, since all this knowledge has been around for centuries. So it is not that we don´t know the right way, we just choose to go on other direction!

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