Vegan? Isn´t that too hard?

Being vegan for a little over two years has brought me a whole lot of surprises… some pleasant, some not so pleasant! I am one of those people that just didn’t ever enjoy eating meat!



So, skipping to a vegetarian diet was very easy for me, a change that I had been planning to do for several years. I guess I have delayed it because I thought that it would be very hard on other people: you see, when you chose this way of living, you impose this choice on other people, too! When somebody invites me over for dinner or to a party, changes must be made! There must be “special food” for me! This is fairly easy with a vegetarian diet… still some surprises where there to come:
A friend of mine once invited me to his home for dinner. When I arrived there he was very excited, saying that he had been planning this meal for over a week! He served rice with chicken and cheese! I almost fainted!
This was some time ago, and I could at the time, successfully apart the rice…but if it was now, it would be completely different…yes, being vegan is a whole different championship…
Still, my friends and family raised their game level: now, I see them reading labels, buying books, cooking tempeh…some of them have even go on that meatless Monday challenge; others, go vegetarian by night (funny, don’t you think?) I am so proud of them! But above all, I am truly grateful for having such a bunch of supportive, understanding and lovable family and friends!

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Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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One Response to Vegan? Isn´t that too hard?

  1. maeussle says:

    I bet it was quite a learning curve going vegan! I think it’s great that your friends try to accommodate you (which anybody should do naturally for their guests no matter what eating habits they have) when inviting you for dinner. I wish you continued success with your vegan way which is probably one of the healthiest ways to live!

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