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Sometimes you just need a chocolate cake….

And you need it fast! No time for going to the shop, no time for hard baking… but you need it! So, for dealing with this emergency,  you have the 40 second chocolate muffin in a cup! And baby, was … Continue reading

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Another morning smoothie!

Breakfast is my favourite meal! I feel more hungry than any other time of the day and so I enjoy my food completly! And I did enjoy this: 1TBSP oats 1TBSP cocoa 1 banana 1 apple some water to blend … Continue reading

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First thing I see every morning is somebody who loves me!!!!

Enjoy your Monday!!!!! Xoxo

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Readings for a lazy Sunday – part II

I do enjoy doing this – browsing through other blogs and posting reading recommendations. On my first post, I’ve used pictures from the blogs I was talking about…but I am not sure if I should be doing that – even … Continue reading

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A sunny saturday means a long walk on the beach and…

… chocolate covered muffins for a mid-afternoon snack! Seriously, you must do it! So, after taking my dog to the beach, I did it! And here they are:   You wouldn’t believe how tasty and light these are! And, as always, … Continue reading

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Everybody has got their own…and somehow all our problems seem to be so huge when compared to others! Still, every once in a while the Providence sends that big wake-up call! So I was talking to my mother about her … Continue reading

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Carob smoothie

Carob Smoothie! I am a juice person! There are smoothie people and juice people! I am juicer! Smoothies weigh in my belly! But sometimes I feel having one…as I did this morning! So check this out: 2 bananas (I need … Continue reading

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