Bad yogini? Nah…

I’ve done Asana Junkies Fall Sessions with Christina Sell , and I´ve loved it…
It had lots of asanas and also some recordings Christina made for us. One of them was about the different types of yoga!
In this one recording, she talks about how every type of yoga was developed by someone with specific needs or to address someone’s specific needs. In her view, Patanjali’s yoga was developed to be used by monks, hence its focus on abstinence and meditation!

No way the ordinary people of today’s western world are to (or want to) follow this type of yoga! You can use some of it, but the whole? Nah, except if you are a monk!

Floating Buddha

So, not having a regular meditation practice is not a problem…except if you are a monk following the path of the stillness of the mind! If you’re living in the real world, you probably don’t want your mind to still that much…

She goes on talking about how Iyengar was a very frail and sick child. In her opinion that explains why Iyengar yoga has always these different options for postures: to respect those who, like him once upon a time, can’t do them!

Bikrham was, in another hand, a very dynamic, strong and powerful young man…and there you go: that’s hot yoga for you!

I don’t know about you, but these makes a lot of sense to me! Like everything in life, yoga is not a one option road. In fact, according with a person’s features, several ways are offered, and they all point to the same objective: feeling good!
Any thoughts about this?

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Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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2 Responses to Bad yogini? Nah…

  1. maeussle says:

    I agree with you. It’s just like having babies…some come naturally, some through artificial reproduction and some through adoption. There are different paths but in the end they all have the same result! Great post!

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