Veganize it!


Here I go again on books! I really like books…can you tell?


Ok, this one is a completely different book – it is a cook book! However, it is not your traditional cook book with recipes! This is a book about vegan substitutions! Yes, you’re read it correctly: vegan substitutions!  It has recipes also, but that is not this book’s main advantage! Let me explain!

As I said before, changing to a vegan diet was not difficult for me at all! Not even the cheese: I do not miss cheese! Seriously, I don’t!

So, I don’t usually buy vegan products that are made to replace non-vegan products because I don’t miss that flavors! However, I don’t live alone! My better half is not vegan! Neither is my family or my friends! As a matter of fact I only have a couple of close friends that are vegetarian!  That’s why I need a Veagnize it book! When I cook for my friends and family, I want to make yummy delicious foods so that they can, someday, think about veganizing some part of their lives!

So, I present to you The Complete guide to vegan food substitutions: Veganize it! Foolproof methods for transforming any dish into delicious new vegan favorite by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman.

This book is not only awesome, as it is really cute! Check the pictures above!

It is divided into six sections and nine chapters. Each section addresses a major product, and in each section, each chapter talks about a specific substitution! For example, section one, called Let the cows go home! Foolproof substitutions for dairy, has chapter 1 (how to substitute dairy) and chapter 2 (how to substitute cheese).

It has tips on substituting eggs, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, honey and gelatin! And the products used are not difficult to get at all (at least, most of them)! They use lemon juice, vinegar, soymilk, coconut oil, flax seeds, bananas, apples, lentils…easy stuff you can find everywhere! And it gives you options: for instances, in the egg replacement section, you can find that you can replace one egg in baked goods used for binding for egg replacer powder (we don’t have that stuff in Portugal), cornstarch, arrowroot, flaxseeds, silken tofu, apple sauce or other fruit or vegetable purée! This way, you are sure to be able of doing any recipe!

And I have tried this – I have done several substitutions using this book and they have worked amazingly… to my non-vegan, non-vegetarian bunch! That should tell you something!

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