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Bad yogini? Nah…

I’ve done Asana Junkies Fall Sessions with Christina Sell , and I´ve loved it… It had lots of asanas and also some recordings Christina made for us. One of them was about the different types of yoga! In this one recording, … Continue reading

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Weird dreams!

How often do you have weird dreams? For me, this is rare, since usually I can’t remember any of my dreams. However, every now and then, I dream of something that I can vividly recall in the morning, especially if … Continue reading

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I know: it’s bad! You can’t do anything right if you don’t have focus! And I am getting better – I don’t do several things at the same time, anymore…but I am a multitasker!!! I am reading several books (yes, … Continue reading

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Back to the kitchen!

It keeps raining…I think it has been raining for a month now! I don’t mind! I like rain! I like cozy afternoons knitting and cooking! And today, I did it both! The knitting part, I will show you latter, when … Continue reading

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Enjoy your monday #4

Hello! Another monday already…almost February! Time flies…. So, for today: and enjoy your monday!!!!!

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Hello! I’ve got those pancakes done, yesterday ☺! I’ve been in a pancake mood lately, trying to find the perfect vegan gluten free pancake! Not quite there yet! Don’t get me wrong: yesterday’s pancakes were superb! Still, not quite a … Continue reading

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Be here!

Hello!!! Have a great Saturday, everyone! Enjoy your day fully, and be here, right now! I have been waiting for Saturday since Monday…not, that it was a terrible week – as a matter of fact, it was very enjoyable! Still, … Continue reading

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