We all just want the same thing….

Today, as I was walking my dog, Nux, I saw a big, white, lovely duck swimming in one of the tanks in the park. These tanks were used for washing clothes a long, long time ago… nowadays, they exist because they are lovely…and, in the summer, kids swim there, as they were swimming pools (tiny swimming pools ☺). Anyway, back to the duck: I have had already seen him a couple of times before, but I never quite realize what was going one: I mean, there it was a beautiful duck swimming, jumping and diving in the water as a really happy child! So, I approached…carefully (because of Nux) and I saw a woman with a big cage nearby. I have asked her if the duck was a she or a he! She said he was male, and he has been living with them, as a family, for three years. “He likes to come here to spread his wings, and he doesn’t fly away, because he loves us, and really wants to be around us”, she added. I thought that was lovely. Nux seldom wears a leash (only to cross roads and with small children with scared parents), but I didn’t know ducks could also grow this kind of affection. So I told her that in a small lake nearby, there was a very recent duck mom with 14 little ducks…maybe he would like to mingle, I thought. To my surprise the lady said, that Donald (of course ☺) didn’t care about other ducks. He had grown being surrounded by humans, so he didn’t enjoy other ducks company. So, what does Donald enjoy?, I have asked. Her answer was revealing: Donald likes cuddling, affection and love! He is like a person, you know, he just talks a different language! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


About Inês

Hi everybody! I am a dedicated yogin trying to make the best of this wonderful experience called living!
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