Yes, that time of the year has come. The time to look back and analyze what kind of year we have had, what are we going to keep and what are we going to leave behind!
For me, I have mixed feelings about this year. Assuredly, it was an incredible tough year, with major changes…some of them incredible painful! Still, with major changes comes the opportunity to grow, to move in another direction, to explore new paths! And I am moving!!!
It was also a year of big professional accomplishments …not so crazy about this, but still happy that it has passed!
But most of all, it has been a year of gratitude: I really feel blessed! And I feel it every day! I feel it in the little things – like on being able to see a big whole moon! But most of all, I feel it in the huge things! Sometimes I cannot believe how lucky I am for having such an amazing life! For instances, in the yoga course I am doing, the teacher has asked why we went to yoga! Most of the girls described horrible painful life situations, and some of them are still struggling! I felt a little ashamed since I could not think of any reason that drove me into yoga – it just happened! No sad story there! Or anywhere, since that I cannot complaint about the little rocks on my way, since they are really truly small!


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