Starting big…

Yes, that’s right: I am starting big… I will be talking about meditation! Meditation was something I use to do every now and then…at least a couple of days of week! And suddenly I have stopped… I can’t figure out why, since it really made my day, my week, my month…it was that good for me! Still, I did quit it!

But now, I’ve been into this crazy awesome solstice ceremony in my yoga formation during which I have planted this seed – everyone in the group was supposed to think of something they really wanted…and for me, I really want to be better – and I do think meditation makes me better!!!!

So, during the yoga course we talked about the importance of meditation, and how we should keep a journal about the meditations we do, how we feel and so on…

So I did a 10 minute guided meditation with the wonderful Tara Judelle. It was called Reset your mind: Presence

And it was about being in your own body during those 10 minutes! We travelled around the hyoid bone, to the kidneys, to the liver, spleen and pineal gland…it was endless for me! I don’t know if it is the flu or something else, but I really felt restless! And don’t feel better now that it is over – I feel like I’ve done a lousy job …

I think this means that I have a long road ahead of me…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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